Interior Painting

We just finished an interior painting project today. We arrived first thing this morning on time and prepared for work. After greeting Mr. K we moved furniture and bedding, covered everything in plastic and placed drop coverings were needed.

At this particular place we needed to do a lot of sheetrock repair on walls and ceilings so we started by flatting out any protruding defects in surfaces and worked everything out flat. It’s really important to do this to achieve the appropriate foundation for paint.

Once the defect in the walls and ceilings were gone we preceded to fill holes in with sheetrock mud and work it until it looks flat. Sheetrock mud can take hours to dry and because of that we use a setting type compound that dry’s faster and harder. read on...

Area Of Service

We paint houses in most of Southern Maine covering Saco, Biddeford, OOB, Scarborough, Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Kennebunk, Wells and surrounding Maine areas.

Customer Feedback


We hired Mike at About Coatings to paint our house and he did a fantastic job. He was v...


Very happy with the work done by About Coatings!  They installed a new roof several ye...

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A Little About Me

Mike the painting contractor

Just stoping off for a coffee.

I've been a painting contractor for some time now and I really enjoy it. I started fixing things when I was just a little boy so putting things together pretty much came natural for me and after over 30 years of perseverance I'm getting pretty good at it.

I started out early doing a lot of carpentry and remodeling related things but found that I liked painting and restoration the most. There’s just something great about taking something broken and getting it up and running. read on...

We love Painting

Meeting new people has to be one of the best things about a painting business. We make new friends on almost on a daily basis.

Every day brings challenges and for us it’s welcomed. After years of being in this business we’ve found numerous solutions and we make a lot of people happy.

We love having new places to go to and new places to see. I personally like seeing new homes and different architecture.

Loving to paint also brings a love of color. It’s pretty cool being involved in the color process and helping home owners find the combinations that are right for them.

For us painting is an art form and we take a lot of pride in what we do and we care how things look.

Exterior Painting

We take painting your home seriously, were professionals and act like it. We show up on time and eager to work. I only hire workers who love this work because when it boils down that’s what matters. I knew the first time I picked up a brush that painting read on...

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